We hold events on the 1st  Monday of the month at 5:30 pm Pacific time. That's early enough that friends in the east have a chance of connecting with friends in the west, and late enough for us to walk our dogs before it gets dark! 

It's part book club, part girls night out, and all fun!

We offer connection and special featured guest panelists, fascinating women who do extraordinary things, make a difference in their part of the world, or are just plain fun to be around.

And it's BYOC (Bring Your Own Coffee/Dinner/Whatever)! And BYOP (Bring Your Own Pet). We'd love to see your min-pin, Schnauzer, malamute or mutt! Zoom makes it all possible to meet safely and funly online. (It's basically a blast!) There are cool door prizes. Attendees are automatically registered for the evening's cool door prizes and the Quarterly Grand Prize Drawing.

Register at EventBrite and an EventBrite confirmation with special Zoom link will be emailed to you!

(The Zoom link is confidential, and must not be shared on social media, of course!)

If you wish to attend, have the Internet and a computer but haven't yet used Zoom, register for an event and let us know you're somewhere on the scale between Luddite and newbie. We have been known to do the occasional Zoom orientation. 


Dealing with the challenges of life today requires resilience. Head-ache remedies. And possibly take-out food. And as much fresh air as we can safely muster. For women, resilience can be shored up by the support of others, connections to let us know we're not alone. A place where we can see and be seen. Hear - and be heard.  We  learn from other problem-solvers the patterns of resilience, of rising to challenge. We are inspired by others. We are strengthened  by numbers. We laugh--oh, how we laugh! And brighter than ever in the isolation of the pandemic moment, the light from other amazing women blazes to illuminate us all. Yakfest emerged out of a pursuit to inspire and support women.


Women's YakFest is the brainchild of Amazing Strong Inspired, a multi-media project that is the brainchild of author Jacqueline Carmichael (Heard Amid the Guns: True Stories from the Western Front 1914-1918, Heritage House Nov. 2020, and Tweets from the Trenches. A longtime journalist, publisher and event producer, Jacqueline started the Amazing Strong Inspired project as a book project 13 years ago when she was interviewing (you guessed it) amazing, strong, inspired women for publications like The Dallas Morning News, Smart Business, The Edmonton Sun and Entrepreneur Magazine. She was the editor and publisher of The Westerly News, and producer/host of dozens of events for the project she initiated, the BC-Yukon Quite Determined Online Eco-Friendly Literary Road Trip. Jackie is the artistic director for ELECTRIC MERMAID: LIVE READS FROM CHAR'S LANDING, which features national authors as well as a curated open mic, and meets the 3rd Friday of each month at 5:45 pm Pacific Time. She is also the co-host and founder of YakFest, which happens the first Monday of the month at 5:30 pm Pacific Time.  She holds dual citizenship in the US and Canada; the mother of three grown sons and stepmother to a grown son and daughter, she lives with her husband, one grown son and two boisterous Shetland sheepdogs on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, where she is working on a novel.